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Refreshing Times Counseling Center Testimonials


  1. There are no words to express how blessed I am to have had Wendy Torres as my counselor. I have seen her off and on through the years during some of the lowest points in my life. Her ability to make you feel comfortable and assist you in navigating through your pain and healing is outstanding! Without fail, she is always compassionate offering positive insight and biblical teachings to every wound in your heart that you presented to her.  She truly has a gift and her ability to deliver God’s message in your sessions is amazing! Today, I proudly stand strong with the progress I have made in my sessions. In my heart I know without a doubt that I would have never made it to where I am today without Wendy’s help, prayers and her dedication to me as a client. She truly played a vital role in my journey of healing. Thank you Wendy, you are truly amazing, and as for me I am forever grateful to you, your calling, and the gifts that God has given you.

-K.S. Waxahatchie, TX

    2.. Ms. Wendy Torres is one phenomenal women.  Ms. Torres has provided Christian Counseling Christian to my family and I, for the last four years.  She counseled my "then" husband and I, with hopes of reconciliation.  Although, divorce took place, God still had His hand on me.  God used Ms. Torres to help me through a major transition in my life.  Four years later, Ms. Torres has continued to provide her wisdom, love, leadership, guidance through many areas of my life, including the lives of my children.  There were many times that I would walk into her office with tears of sadness, frustration or disappointment but I ALWAYS walk out with hope, gratitude and courage.  She always reminds me of God's love and speaks God's Word into existence in my life. I've been so amazingly blessed to have crossed paths with her.  I pray God continue to bless her ten-fold for the works of God's hand, and the fruits of his labor, that she joyfully pours into so many people.
I appreciate you, Wendy Torres!!  Thank you for all you have done in my life and for just being you!!
-L. G. Grand Prairie Texas

    3. There are no words strong enough to describe what Wendy has done for my son and I. When I first started seeing Wendy I was so confused, lost, empty and felt that I had no love left in my heart. I was so full of pain that I felt as though I were dying. Wendy helped me to find myself again and reminded me of how strong I really was and to put my trust in God and he would take care of me. He has a plan for me and will show me the way.  I've learned how to cope with becoming a single mother, deal with my roller coaster ride of emotions during and after an abusive marriage, learned to forgive myself and others and everything that had being weighing heavy on my heart. She also helped my 7 year old son through the transitioning of a divorce and gave him the comfort of knowing that he had a safe place to share his feelings and that he did have a voice. He was immediately comfortable with her and trusted in her as she put his heart at ease by suggesting helpful things for us to do that helped us with separation anxiety and all of the changes that were happening in our lives. I cannot thank her enough for helping us out of that dark place. Wendy is our angel!!
-D.W. Grand Prairie

    4. About 2 years ago I reached the lowest point in my life. I couldn't figure out why I was so lost, so hopeless, so alone. There was a hole in my heart, unheard scars, and past experiences that made me feel trapped.  Until I made the decision to reach out to someone for help. I didn't know if it was going to help but I was desperate. 
Ms. Torres is my angel on earth. Even writing about it makes me get emotional. She helped me see my life from a different perspective and literally change my life one session at a time. Her prayers, support, and gentle soul helped bring me to a place of peace that I never thought I would be.
She helped me see that God is always with me and he loves me unconditionally. Thank you Ms. Torres for saving my life. You have truly been a blessing to me.
-C.B. Arlington, Texas

    5. I don't recall ever giving a testimony before, but here is mine.  After suffering several years with depression after my mother's death as well as the added stress of a dysfunctional marriage and being laid off from work I was at one of the lowest points in my life.  I was lost and I didn't really even know who I was anymore.  As I have worked with Wendy I have learned that God is my rock and my foundation and not a person.  I have learned it is okay to have an opinion and voice it.  With lots of encouragement and love from Wendy I am learning who I am as Christ's daughter and how special I am through Him.  I am so much stronger now, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I have learning that courage and thinking about myself in a positive manner is a good thing and I am going to the gym to better my health to be a better daughter in Christ.
I still miss my Mom because she was my best friend in the world and letting her go was so difficult.  Selfishly I remembered praying to God to take me instead of her while she was dying because she was such a wonderful lady.  I felt tremendous guilt because I wasn't with her every moment though her battle with cancer.  I felt I was letting her down because my marriage isn't successful or happy.  And then God put Wendy in my path to help with me get back on the track that God has for me.  Wendy has challenged me to face my guilt, my self-doubt, and my many fears.  That was not an easy thing to do by any means, but Wendy was there for me all the way.  Wendy helped me to remember that I carry my Mom with me in my heart every day and I am never without her because I am a piece of her.  I wasn't there every moment through my Mom's illness, but I was always there when she needed me to be and I was so blessed to be with her the moment God called her home.
I have also been dealing with emotional and verbal abuse from my husband and with everything else I started to believe him when he said I was worthless and I got to where I didn't care about me.  I couldn't even tell you what I liked to do.  As more doubt came into my life fear also took hold of my life.  Wendy has helped me grow stronger in myself and to learn to like myself again.  Wendy has helped me regain the courage to take on my fears instead of running and hiding from them.  I know I will have challenges in my life, but I also know with the love and support I have gotten from Wendy I can make my life good and I am worthy of happiness. God has a plan for me; I just have to listen.  I will always carry the lessons I have learned and continue to learn from Wendy with me for the rest of my life.I have recommended Wendy to people I knew were hurting and needed help and I will continue to.  Wendy has been a true angel from God for me; a blessing that has touched my heart and will always be there.  I guess the best way I could describe Wendy is a gift that God's love shines through to help those in need.  I am so glad I listened when God brought me to Wendy and I am so thankful that He did.
Thanks to Wendy I now know that God won't let me fall.  He will always be there to catch me.  He will always be there to love me, guide me, and support me; all I have to do is listen with an open heart.
-A.R. Mansfield, Texas

    6. I was always skeptical about telling people my problems, especially someone I did not know.  The case was no different here.  My wife and I had already went to see one counselor and that experience seems like it made things worst.  I was beginning to seek a divorce because my wife had an affair and I was tired of talking.  I was also struggling with porn addiction and it seemed like that was a lost cause.  My wife wanted us to go to another counselor but I was ready to walk away.  However, I really wanted to make it work so we decided to try counseling one last time.  The first session with Wendy was totally different from our first counseling experience.  She did not choose sides nor made us feel like things were hopeless.  She listened to what we had to say and always had encouraging words to say.  She made us feel so comfortable and we talked about everything to get to the bottom of our issues.  Nothing surprises her.  Today my wife and I are still together and going strong.  Also, during the process, Wendy (with the help of God) helped me overcome my pornography addiction.  Her advice and wisdom was definitely helpful.  I thank God for leading us to her and we continue to get blessed each time we go. 
-R.H. Cedar Hill Texas

    7. Wendy, I cannot thank you enough for all your help. The new relationships I have begun to build with my kids and girlfriend are amazing thanks to you and God of course.  Before, my son and daughter were scared to talk to me and my girlfriend had left; I was NOT in a good place in my life at all. Nonetheless, I was still reluctant to see a therapist at first; nervous, worried and for sure prideful. I said to myself; “I’m fine I don’t need a therapist, I CAN FIX THIS” however you made the visits so comfortable and easy to share my life with you and God, all have noticed a complete change in how calmly and respectfully I express my opinion. Thank you again for all your support….
-AF Dallas, Texas

    8. My husband and I was married for twenty years when I found out that he was having an affair.  I was devastated, my world was turn upside down. My husband found Wendy and we started her sessions, there was some up and down moments for us during that time but we got through it.  During our time with Wendy we learn to communicate and deal with the hard times of marriage.  We have to give thanks to God and Wendy that we are still together and our marriage has gotten stronger.
-WM Mansfield, TX

    9. I believe God has an ordained plan for all of us and that true faith will lead us to a victorious path. His plan for me came through a crossing of a mutual friend, of Ms. Torres' and I leading me to seek her counsel.

    10. I had been suffering for 27 plus years from a horrendous rape and violation of my childhood. Stripped of my youth and innocence left me untrustworthy of others (especially men) and condemning of myself. Listening to her radio show and personal sessions with her renewed my trust in others and gave me vindication for myself.
Her soft spoken voice, patience, understanding, proper guidance and unwavering faith in God gave me true hope and lead to better communication and love with my husband, family and most importantly self.
-J.G. Rockwall

    11. My fiancé and I knew we had found the right person in each other but during the course of our relationship and engagement, life got busy and the communication got short. Wedding plans went in to effect and the day drew closer but we found we could no longer talk. After several discussions about it, we looked into pre-marital counseling and came across Wendy’s website. Both of us were a little apprehensive of the counseling but even after the very first session, we walked out of her office feeling like we were on our first date again. Through the course of our sessions, they got deeper but we found that the deeper and harder the lessons were, the closer we became. Knowing you’re with your soul mate is a wonderful feeling, not really knowing how to live with your soul mate, is a different story. I honestly don’t know if we would have even made it down the aisle without Wendy but now, I have no doubt that we’ll be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and laughing at some of things we’ve learned through our times with Wendy!
Thank you Wendy for everything you have done for us!
-N&I, Ennis, Texas

    12. Wendy is one of the best counselors in the area. Great advice and therapy for couples. Very thorough and compassionate.

    13. My 10 year old son loves going for game time with Ms. Wendy! He's had counselors he really liked in the past, but none where he said, "Oh, I'm going today? Yay!" Wendy has a very sincere, caring manner that would set any parent at ease. We were recommended to her by some friends at church, and we are so grateful we found Refreshing Times Counseling!

    14. The best thing I've ever done for myself!! I really like Wendy and the whole counseling experience. I can talk without being interrupt the counsel given is biblical and based on experience! I love it!!!

    15. My husband has been receiving counseling for a few months and I've noticed positive changes in him. Because of these changes I've started going to counseling too.

    16. Refreshing Times Counseling Center is a safe haven for anyone that is hurting and needs support. Ms. Wendy Torres is sincere and true cares about helping people heal. I don't know what I would if it were not  for her help, prayers, advice, and words of encouragement.

    17. Wendy's caring demeanor makes it easy for me to express what's troubling me. She has always guided me and provided the proper tools for healing. When I first started seeing Wendy a couple of years ago, it was to help my son overcome some disciplinary and temper issues. As time went on, it was becoming apparent that I also needed someone like Wendy to help with my past. Wendy, my son and I both thank you for all you do!

       18. My counselor was on point and able to tap into my issue. It was an eye opening experience for me as I refused to call a spade -- a spade. Thank you so much for your keen insight into what I knew needed to occur yet I kept myself linked to a situation that I had the power to control all along. Will be seeing you real soon. Thank you so much. This session was exactly what i needed. Appreciate you Ms. Wendy!!!

    19. Ms Torres is amazing! She has worked with me to get through some very tough life situations. Her Godly wisdom and her continued prayer for her clients is what has gotten me through so many life obstacles. Thank you Wendy Torres for being you!!

    20. Words are not enough to express the depths of how much Wendy has blessed my life. From the moment I walked in to Wendy's office I felt safe and loved. She has been helping me work through my depression and other struggles in my life and every time I leave her office, I feel stronger and more confident/equipped. She is filled with sincerity and love and makes you feel as if you are having a casual time with a friend. Thank you so much for caring about me. Thank you for letting God use you as a vessel to reach out to the others around you. I appreciate you so much and I know the Lord will continue to use you to touch the world!

    21. Wendy is a great listener and coach. She does a wonderful job of incorporating spiritual guidance and effective advice. I would definitely recommend her services.

    22. Wendy has given us sound, biblical advise that has equipped is with the tools we need to have a successful marriage. Much thanks for all that you do!

    23. Wendy is just a blessing in every way imaginable. I don't know where I'd be without her.

I have been seeing Wendy since 2012, she has helped me so much discover my strengths and weaknesses, how to cope with life in difficult circumstances. She really helped me discover who I was, what I wanted out of a relationship, what I deserved.She has helped me with my personal relationships from love, mothering, being a single parent, a sister and even in Health. I still go to her because we all know life is not perfect and I have referred and will continue to refer my loved ones and anyone who could benefit from her wise counsel. Thank you Wendy for your guidance I know God sent you in my life for a reason and for all my season.

    24. Such a wonderful blessing in my life Una gran vendicion en mi Vida, sus consejos y observasiones en el momento correcto siempre son de ayuda.

    25. My counselor was terrific and I have recommended him several times.

    26. Wendy has been compassionate, helpful and has guided me along my path. I highly recommend this business. Thank you Wendy.

    27. I was at a hopeless point in my life, and finally decided to look for a counselor. Having so many choices, I didn't know where to start. I started searching and ran across Wendy Torres with Refreshing Times. She was on vacation, but decided to check her messages. It had to be divine,because she called and I was able to share my feelings. She was such a comforting voice,and her sincere concern radiated throughout the conversation. She scheduled a meeting with me,and my reluctance to go see a "counselor" quickly subsided. I met with Ms. Torres, and from the first meeting, I felt a strong connection. For the first time in a long time, I had someone who truly listened and provided feedback that wasn't condemning. Throughout the sessions, she peeled away layers that I allowed to build from a negative home/marriage situation. She reminded me that my life is a gift. Although I have setbacks from the situation, I know without a doubt, her guidance and professionalism has given me many tools. I take one day at a time, and am humbly grateful God placed her in my life.

    28. I had the pleasure of talking with Mrs. Wendy. She was great at getting to the core of the problem and helping me find ways to work through it. She also gave me the option of getting Christian based help or not, which I thought was a comforting to know that I could choose my healing path. I had a great experience and would recommend to anyone.

    29. Wendy took the time to get to know me and some of my background story and gave me the tools necessary to maneuver through my difficult times. Wendy helped me identify issues that were causing some of my problems and ways to overcome obstacles. Wendy really helped me through a difficult time in my life and I am better now for allowing Wendy to open my eyes to different techniques she taught me. I walked in a year ago anxious and stressed and I came away confident and equipped. Thanks for everything Wendy, you are the best at what you do!!

    30. Wendy quickly helped us and our teen identify issues that were causing stress, gave us both the tools and the insights to address and move past the stresses in a matter of a few months. It's been over a year and we still refer back and use the techniques she taught us. We can't say enough about our positive experience. You walk in anxious and stressed and come away fortified confident and equipped.

    31. When we needed someone to talk to to help us during a difficult time we turned to Wendy. She took the time to get to know us and really understood our issue and worked with us to help us through that time.

    32. I walked into to the office very nervous and anxious. The minute Wendy started talking to me I was able to let go of my defenses and talk about all the pain. Thank you for helping me get through the most difficult time of my life!!!

    33. Wendy is one of the best counselors in the area. Great advice and therapy for couples. Very thorough and compassionate.